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Talent Recruitment

Humanities as the Origin

-- Innovation and development

Human resources are the most valuable resources of the company. People are one of the active and creative factors in a company. To a large extent, the success of the company depends on the success of human resource management. Human resources can be transformed into human capital through allocation, training, incentive and development. It is the core competitiveness of a company, just like monetary capital and material capital. Flanders has formed the core values of human resource management of "humanism oriented, innovation and development, combining hardness and softness". Taking "morality, ability, diligence and performance" as the basic principles of talent evaluation, Flanders has established a scientific and perfect policy and process of "selection, education, utilization and retention" of human resources.

Talent Recruitment
Talent Recruitment

Talent introduction

Establish a high standard talent introduction mechanism suitable for the development of the enterprise, continuously absorb, cultivate and promote talents with a broad platform, provide human resources guarantee for the promotion and Realization of the company's strategy, and realize the maximum value of employees.

Social recruitment: release recruitment information regularly, and recruit all kinds of professionals with certain work experience to the public;

To improve the recruitment mechanism of each year's campus, and provide a series of excellent recruitment activities.