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Now, it forms seven series with 40 million capacity per year and always has marketing share in the leading position.. More than 1000 types thermostat can be used for water heater, fryer, air-fryer,electric oven,electric heater,washing machine and other heating devices.At present,it has been established long term cooperation with many well-known companies. Some products have also been sold to the countries of Southeast Asia, Middle East, Europe and America.

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Service Purpose

We firmly believe that our 1% mistakes, for customers, is a loss, so we have been working hard to do better.

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Production Process Services

From raw material procurement, post-processing to transportation and distribution and other one-stop assembly line operations, pay attention to every link and detail control of the production process to ensure product quality.

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Service Standards

In the fierce market competition, we must always, everything, everywhere take the customer as the center, always put the customer in the heart, and strive to "provide customers with products that meet

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Service Objectives

No complaints about product quality, no complaints about customer service

Commitment to Service--

Adhere to the market-oriented, vigorously promote the "people-oriented" management policy.